Announcing an International Conversation: Global Food Nexus and Local Realities

BSUFN are excited to be able to announce that during our second symposium: The Diversity of Food Research there will be a live conversation with farmers in Ghana thanks to partnership with Trax Ghana, a local non-governmental organisation in Ghana.

This exciting and innovative session will bring together farmers in Northern Ghana, researchers from the UK, and practitioners locally and internationally. The conversation will enable sharing of grassroots knowledge and comparison of priorities for farmers at a local level in the UK and Ghana. The session will involve questions and answers from both sides of the conversation.

The global food nexus is the theme of one of BSUFN’s special interest groups which considers global food systems and the food-water-energy-land nexus. This interactive session will consider the realities of these issues at a local scale, bringing the global focus through the inter-continental conversation.

Logo with Trax GhanaAs well as this international conversation, the symposium will include a keynote speech and research presentations from a wide diversity of disciplines throughout the Universities of Brighton and Sussex. For more details and information of how to register click here.


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