Establishing a Food Policy and Governance Special Interest Group

The Brighton and Sussex Universities Food Network is excited to announce that we are establishing an additional special interest group (SIG) on the theme of Food Policy and Governance.

There have been a number of requests from members for a SIG on this theme and the topic of policy and governance has continually come up in discussions about other areas of food systems. Just as there are elements of each of the other five SIGs which are cross-cutting in scope, food policy and governance is a very broad-ranging issue with influence in every area of food-related work, research, and activity.

BSUFN are planning a short workshop to officially launch the Food Policy and Governance SIG. This workshop will consider the role of the food industry and those with a vested interest in influencing food policy and governance decisions. Watch this space for announcements about this workshop.

If you are a member of BSUFN and would like to be part of the Food Policy and Governance SIG, or any of the six SIGs, then please let us know via e-mail. Additionally, if you are interested in giving subject-specific recommendations by being a rep for this SIG then please also contact us by e-mail.


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