Upcoming event – Governing Food Policy Workshop

Governing Food Policy Workshop

Friday 25th of September 2015

14:00 – 17:30

Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Room 2.10 – University of Sussex campus, Falmer

This workshop sees the launch of a new Food Policy and Governance special interest group (SIG) hosted by BSUFN. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the broad topic of governing food policy in the context of work being undertaken by BSUFN members. Food policy is considered broadly as any policy of an organisation or governing institution which is related to food. Discussion among workshop participants aims to inform any areas of interest and priorities for activities and collaboration within the Food Policy and Governance SIG and BSUFN more broadly.

The workshop will centre on a series of questions to provoke discussion but these questions should not be considered to be exhaustive and other related topics for discussion are welcomed.

  • In what ways are local, national, and global food policies and priorities interlinked?
  • Does existing local, national, and international food policy reflect the needs and priorities of society?
  • Which stakeholders currently influence the production of food policy?
  • Through what means can society engage with and influence the production of food policy? Is society currently successful in this?
  • In what ways could BSUFN interact with food policy research, governance, and societal engagement?

Sessions will be structured as ‘quick fire’ introductions followed by a period of open discussion among workshop participants. Speakers will each be given ten minutes to introduce a topic concerning food policy within their area of interest. A provisional programme is now available below.

The workshop will be followed by a BSUFN social in Brighton to start the new academic year. Booking for the meal is essential. Details are available here.

Time Session Chair / Discussants
14:00 Welcome and Introduction Rachael Taylor (SPRU, Sussex)
14:10 Food Policy and Sustainability at an International Scale Saurabh Arora (SPRU, Sussex)

Ruth Segal (SPRU, Sussex)

Elise Wach (IDS)

14:40 Open discussion
14:55 Food Industry and Food Policy in Governing Bodies Erik Millstone (SPRU, Sussex)

Durwin Banks (The Linseed Farm and Brighton & Hove Food Partnership)

15:15 Open discussion
15:30 Break
15:50 Local Food Policy TBC (Brighton & Hove Food Partnership)
16:10 Open discussion
16:30 Introduction to break out Rachael Taylor
16:35 Break out group discussions
16:50 Feedback and open discussion
17:30 Close

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