Putting nutrition at the heart of meals in the heart of the community

One of the objectives of BSUFN is to raise the profile of the work members are undertaking on food-related topics. While this often focuses on academic research being done at Brighton and Sussex Universities, there are numerous BSUFN members working on food initiatives in local non-academic organisations and community groups. One such initiative is seeking to bring good nutrition into the heart of mealtimes while instilling a sense of environmental awareness around consumption.

Nutritional therapist Tina Deubert advocates for viewing food and mealtimes as more than just eating. Through her initiatives she is seeking to raise awareness of the value of a healthy, nutritious diet for good physical health and wellbeing. Tina also encourages environmental awareness and taking a holistic view of the food we eat.

Tina’s Kitchen

One of the ways Tina is bringing good nutrition into the local community is through her cafe in the centre of Lewes, East Sussex. Tina and her colleagues prepare fresh food daily, providing a range of salads, hot meals, and treats which won’t rot your teeth, all made from locally sourced organic produce. One customer said “they do the yummiest salads!” Lunch menus are prepared to be nutritionally balanced and provide a good source of protein as well as other vitamins and minerals. Tina achieves a well balanced, substantial meal without using any produce containing gluten. A local dance teacher said “I’m active all day long but lunch from Tina’s Kitchen is enough to keep me going all day.”

Inside Tina’s Kitchen, 90 High Street, Lewes

Lunches from Tina’s Kitchen are available to eat in or take away. All of the packaging for take away food is reusable and biodegradable, made from corn starch instead of plastic. Tina charges a small fee for take away cultery and gives discounts to people who bring back their packaging to be reused. Through this she encourages people to think about where produce comes from and the resources they use during mealtimes.

Making Food Work for You

Another of Tina’s initiatives to raise awareness of the role of nutrition in human wellbeing is through a five-week course held on Saturdays during term-time. The course provides an opportunity to examine some of the principles of nutrition and how you can use this in your diet. The five week sessions focus on:

  • Blood sugar balancing
  • Fat: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Nutrient density and why quality and variety matter
  • Digestion – improving digestion to absorb nutrients better
  • Putting it all together with other aspects of a healthy lifestyle

The course is designed to introduce the topics in a simple manner to enable participants to build it in to daily life. Each week provides a practical element, using readily available foods and simple meals.

Tina Deubert preparing nutritious lunchs at Tina's Kitchen in Lewes

Tina Deubert preparing nutritious lunches at Tina’s Kitchen in Lewes

Tina encourages the local community to think more about good nutrition to support wellbeing and a health lifestyle. She will readily give nutritional advice to customers with queries. Tina’s Kitchen also sells a range of health foods and nutritional supplements and she is happy to advise on the use of these.

You can find more details about Tina’s work at www.foodworks4u.co.uk or contact her by e-mail: tinadeubert@gmail.com


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