The Brighton and Sussex Universities Food Network (BSUFN) is a multi-disciplinary network which was established in 2012. It was initiated when researchers identified a gap between researchers working on different food-related topics, and between researchers and practitioners working in local community food initiatives. BSUFN has a particular interest in finding ways to improve the value of academic research on food for practitioners and policy makers. BSUFN provides a space for sharing ideas, experience and knowledge which is why it is called a ‘knowledge centre’.

Food is a very diverse topic of interest to people in many different fields so BSUFN seeks to facilitate cross-disciplinary networking. BSUFN members currently come from the following fields:

  • Health and nutritional sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Arts and humanities
  • Life sciences and physical sciences
  • Non-academic organisations and community groups

BSUFN currently has nearly 200 members from across academic disciplines, six other UK universities, two universities overseas, over 35 non-academic organisations, and a range of individuals and community groups.

BSUFN members are keen to work with the local community and non-academic groups. Bringing people together – inside and outside universities – will help us identify common research goals, develop collaborations, and increase research impact.

We have six special interest groups (SIGs), each covering a broad food-related subject area. You can find details about the SIGs by clicking on the ‘Special Interest Groups’ in the menu at the top of the page.

BSUFN is co-hosted by the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex. It is affiliated to the Centre for Research in Spatial, Environmental, and Cultural Politics at the University of Brighton.

We welcome new members of the network. Whether you’re associated with either Brighton or  Sussex Universities, part of the local community in East Sussex, or affiliated to a different university or non-academic organisation, if you have an interest in food-related topics then you can become a member of BSUFN. Click on the Join Us tab above. If you know any anyone else who might be interested, please let them know about us. You can help build the network – join us, join one or more special interest groups and contribute news and ideas.


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