Food, Climate and Society Seminar Series

During the spring term of 2016, BSUFN, the Department of Geography (University of Sussex), and the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme will be co-hosting a seminar series on the theme of Food, Climate and Society. This series will explore the multiple challenges that the global food system is facing: feeding more people healthy food while limiting environmental and social impacts.

All seminars are on Thursday lunchtimes from 12:30 to 14:00 and will be held in Arts C, Global Studies Resource Centre, University of Sussex.

4th February 2016

Food: the elephant in the Climate & Society changing room

Prof Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, Director of the Centre for Food Policy, City University London

11th February 2016

Exploring low carbon agricultural innovation in China: a thousand flowers blooming?

Dr Adrian Ely, Senior Lecturer (SPRU), Deputy Director (STEPS Centre), University of Sussex

18th February 2016

Water for food: global, regional and domestic virtual water trade networks

Dr Carole Dalin, Research Officer, Grantham Research Institute, London School of Economics

25th February 2016

Bees, pesticides and politics

Prof Dave Goulson, Professor of Biology, University of Sussex

3rd March 2016

Innovative Farmers: a new network to support farmer-led innovation

Tom MacMillan, Director of Innovation, Soil Association

10th March 2016


Dr Dominic Glover, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies

17th March 2016


7th April 2016

What is a sustainable food system?

Prof Tim Benton, UK Champion for Global Food Security, Professor of Population Ecology, University of Leeds

14th April 2016

Life in a time of food price volatility

Dr Naomi Hossain, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies

21st April 2016


Dr Tara Garnett, Food Climate Research Network, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, University of Oxford

28th April 2016

Land sharing versus land sparing

Dr Jorn Scharlemann, Reader in Ecology and Conservation, Interim Director of Sussex Sustainability Research Programme, University of Sussex