Special Interest Groups

The BSUFN has six Special Interest Groups (SIGs), each focused on a different aspect of food. These subject themes are intentionally broad in order to encompass the diversity of food-related research taking place at Brighton and Sussex Universities and in the local community.

The six SIGs are:

  • Food Health and Education
  • Food Cultures and Technologies
  • Global Food Nexus
  • Primary Food Production
  • Food Research Methods and Theories
  • Food Policy and Governance

The categories for the first five SIGs were selected during the BSUFN Next Steps workshop in May 2014. A sixth SIG on the theme of Food Policy and Governance was added in June 2015 in response to demand from members.

The SIGs support the network in identifying synergies in research and opportunities for collaboration among members.The SIGs also provide an informal platform for BSUFN members to engage in topic-specific discussion and provide multidisciplinary support.

Any blog posts shared on this website by BSUFN members will be categorised into one of these SIGs. To find blog posts on each SIG topic, click on the link to the SIG name under the ‘Categories’ heading in the side-bar on the right of this page.

Activities and events are often organised around the themes of these SIGs. Please check the ‘Events’ page on the menu above for a list of upcoming and recent events. The diversity of food-related research which fall within these six SIGs were addressed during  the BSUFN Symposium 2015.

If you are already a member of the BSUFN and would like to become a member of any or all of these SIGs, please notify BSUFN by e-mail. If you would like to become a member of the network and any of these SIGs, please fill out the membership request form and mark which SIG(s) you would like to be a member of.


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