Steering Group

BSUFN is currently run by a voluntary steering group. These individuals are members of the Network who have expressed an interest in helping to organise BSUFN activities, do general Network administration, or represent the six special interest groups. The steering group includes representation from faculty, researchers and students at both universities as well as local non-academic community groups.

Notes from each of the steering group meetings are made available on our website here as soon as possible after the meeting.

The steering group and any administration undertaken is voluntary. However, BSUFN has been supported finacially in order to facilitate a variety of events. You can see details of the support we have received here.

If you would like to be involved with the steering group or you would like to make comments or suggestions, please e-mail us at

Current members of the BSUFN steering group:

  • Rachael Taylor (SPRU, University of Sussex)
  • Harvey Ells (Sport and Service Management, University of Brighton)
  • Abigail Wincott (Arts and Media, University of Brighton)
  • Caroline Hodges (Biochemistry and Pharmacy, University of Brighton)
  • Robert Babak Madadi Howard (Environment and Technology, University of Brighton)
  • Carol Williams (Health Sciences, University of Brighton)
  • Dipak Sarker (Biochemistry and Pharmacy, University of Brighton)
  • Peter Senker (Emeritus Professor, SPRU, University of Sussex)
  • Durwin Banks (The Linseed Farm and Brighton & Hove Food Partnership)
  • Rachael Durrant (SPRU, University of Sussex)
  • Jennifer Constantine (Institute of Development Studies)

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